Seize the Moment Grants

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The Institute for Rural America is pleased to offer grants to assist nonprofit organizations.  They are small grants designed for groups needing to take quick action on issues that arise.  These issues may call for immediate organizing or action that cannot be predicted and are not budgeted.  In some cases it is crucial to act immediately to address the issue and take advantage of an organizing or teaching opportunity.

These grants may also be use to assist nonprofit organizations the opportunity to send staff to local, regional or national training programs in their field.  Grants are available to assist with conference registration fees, and are limited to one pre organization.

Maximum grant is $250.  Funds are limited and when they are expended for a year, the grants will cease until the following fiscal year.


Seize the moment grants are for organizing in response to an unanticipated challenge or threat to an organization’s work and/or undertaking urgent action in response to extraordinary conditions.  This response may include:

*Educational work

*Public events/rallies and or

*Time-specific special projects

These grants are not for:

*Operational or budget emergencies

*Travel, unless compelling circumstances needs travel
Grant amount:

The maximum Seize the Moment Grant is $250 and it is used within six months of receipt.  A report on how grant funds were used and spent is required within a year of receipt of the award.

To apply:

Application maybe by letter, no more than two pages and can be faxed or emailed.

The letter should include;

*Name, address, telephone & fax numbers and email address of applicant.

*Name and Federal Identification number of organization, regarding 501 © 3 status.

*Total amount requested.

*Description of the grant request, including how the continuing education opportunity will assist the organization in it efforts to serve the community.

*The need or threat, and the organization’s plan for response and action.

*How the project is unanticipated and urgent, and why quick action is needed.

*Your signature.

*Attach a copy of the completed conference registration form.

     Send your application to:

     Institute for Rural America

     PO Box 566

     Ames, Iowa   50010

Attn. Dave Reed


Proposals are accepted at anytime.  Recognizing these needs are immediate. The IRA will act on proposals in a timely manner.  Successful applicants will be notified within 2 weeks.

If you’re interested, please contact the Institute via email at:



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Institute for Rural America
P.O. Box 566
Ames, Iowa 50010


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The Institute for Rural America is a nonprofit charitable 501c3 organization.